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2011 marked the year that Voodoo Disc Golf brought fresh and innovative ideas to the disc golfing community. The life of a disc golf bag is a rough one, consistently being used and abused through rough terrain and countless rounds. To ensure that your bag makes it the distance in both function and appearance, Voodoo Disc Golf uses only the best design ideas, materials and construction techniques. Whether you are a professional or just a weekend golfer Voodoo Disc Golf is committed to making your equipment experience second to none.

Where did the name Voodoo Disc Golf come from?

It all started in January of 2009.

I started playing DG with my buddy Jack Daniels and after playing for a short while, I realized I had a true love for the game. I loved it so much that I sold my golf clubs to invest in a great bag and my first discs. I purchased my first starter bag from Revolution. Even though I thought the bag was amazing, in quality and materials, I felt something was missing. I used to put my keys, change and iphone in the side pocket and me being as particular as I am, I was concerned with all the loose articles damaging my Iphone in one pocket.

I wanted the bag to evolve into something greater, something that could organize and keep my valuables protected during a round. I started to search online for designers and I happened to run across one that had the same name as my dog, Wookie.

And that’s where the adventure began.

I flew to Bozeman Montana for 7 days and explained my vision of a great bag. Voodoo Disc Golf was born March 19th, 2009.

Many people ask me where the name comes from. It wasn’t just something I pulled out of thin air, I did a ton of research and I CHOSE Voodoo. The culture of Voodoo had always been mysterious to me.

The reason I chose the name was due to a term used in the Voodoo culture called “gris-gris” which means fetish or charm. Therefore, a “gris gris” bag is a charm bag. Charms for such things as love, health, prosperity and family. I immediately liked the fit of the name because we as disc golfers love our plastic. Each one of the discs in our bag is like a different charm, it does something different for our game.

After doing more investigating, I found these sayings that everyday people use and believe in.

Good Juju, Mojo and most definitely Karma...

And we believe in Good Karma!

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