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Colors. Storage. Style.

One look and it’s clear, the Spinal Tap packs a punch! With 6 colors, perfect amount of storage and a sleek design,it takes the disc golf bag to a place it’s never been.
Pockets in a pouch organization

The pockets in a pouch is one of the most useful features in the Spinal Tap. It allows you to separate your keys, loose change or any other hard items from your electronic devices (cell phones, ipods etc.) with padded side pockets that are located inside your side compartment. 5 interior pockets in all. You could say it’s the marsupial of disc golf backpacks
Pencil Pockets that make sense

All Voodoo Disc Golf bags have thought out pencil pockets that make retrieving your pencil easy and convenient
Rear padding for extra comfort

The backside of the Spinal Tap houses ¾ padding, which allows for unparalleled fit and ventilation.
Center Pin rainfly

With the Rip Stop rainfly, keeping your valuables sheltered has never been so simple.

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